Historic Landmarks Commission


The Weston Historical Landmark Commission was formed on May 4th, 1998. Our mission is to preserve historic sites, structures, and landscapes in Weston, WV, and educate the public about the city and  county’s heritage. The commission intends to identify, study, preserve and protect historic buildings, structures, sites, and districts in Weston, West Virginia. The city has had a registered historic downtown district for 27 years.

What We Do:
The work of the Historic Landmark Commission is to promote the preservation of Weston, WV, and Lewis
County, through official recognition, recording, and preservation of Weston’s historical resources. In addition, the Commission is responsible for recommendations of historic buildings and properties for local historic landmark designations to the City Council, the administration of the community preservation plan, reviews proposed exterior alterations to a designated historic landmark or structure and recommends both incentives and opportunities for the preservation as well as education of our historic places.

The Weston HLC and the City Council are committed to preserving our rural heritage and our historic places.
The review requirements for the preservation ordinances are among the best forms of protection for our historic structures and landmarks. In addition, the HLC is committed to preserving the past while educating the public of Weston’s history.


Held typically the 2nd Thursday of each month.


President: Anna Cardelli
Vice President: Kristen Bailey
Member: Sherry Rogers (Council Rep.)
Member: Brian McClain
Mayor: Kim Harrison
AmeriCorps: Jacob Wingett
Secretary:  Judy Piercy – City Clerk

Annual Reports:

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Quarterly Reports:


Q3 (July-September)

Q2 (April-June)

Q1 (January-March)

Historic District Information:

National Register of Historic Places--Downtown Historic District

National Register of Historic Places--Downtown Residential Historic District